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Friday, January 27, 2017

Werewolf Romance Novels

Are you looking for a good Werewolf Romance, then you have to try this books below....

Title: The Werewolf King's Vampire Queen
Genre: Werewolf
Status: Completed
                      Werewolves and Vampires are sworn enemies. No one knows what started the feud or how long they have been this way, but when they meet it always ends in a war. A war is always a disaster. The last war has gone for more than 50 years before both sides withdrew as the numbers where deteriorating and with this rate there will be no werewolf or vampires left in the world. From then they kept it mostly to themselves, making sure they don't cross each other's path.

All changed seven years ago when the former Werewolf King's mate was brutally killed by vampires. The king has sworn to have his revenge at any cost. His men tracked and killed any vampire that stumbles on their way.
What happens when an unknown female vampire stumbles upon the werewolf kingdom? And that female happens to be a born vampire? Will this be a start of new war? Will there ever be peace between both races?
Mia Walter Edwards has no knowledge of her parentage and then there is Aaron George Randolph the ruling Lycan King who is hell bend on taking revenge for his mother's brutal death. So will Aaron kill the unsuspecting Mia on spot as he should be or will he able to look past her identity as a vampire?
Read this book to find out.
Cover by dobbyvanity
Being Edited by BrettHicks

This is my first novel, feedback is much appreciated.

Book Review by DawnofReader -
Link -
Total Score - 40/50 (Cover-8/10; Blurb-9/10;Grammatical Errors-8/10;Plot-8/10;Descriptive/Emotive Language-7/10)

Note -
Well, of course it's my book. If I don't love and promote my book then who will.
This is my first book, I think I have managed to make it interesting. I wanted to change the title of the book to something else, but I have already started receiving so many reads that I didn't want to risk it.
Please add it to your libraries, read and give me your feedback.
You can find this book in my reading list "Werewolf" and "Vampire".


Title: A Mate and A Betrayal
Genre: Werewolf
Status:Ongoing (Updated Regularly)
"The saddest thing about betrayal is that it never comes from your enemies."

He is an Alpha, strongest of all. She is a human, so innocent and naive. In a world were Werewolf and Human mating is frowned up on, fate has interwined their lives.

Aiden James is the Alpha of the Western Creek pack. Anna Carter is a human pursuing higher studies in Oregon. When they meet, he is torn between the fate and his pack's expectation.

Finally giving in to the mate pull he decides accept her as a mate. But what happens when he learn about her betrayal? The one which cannot be forgiven.

Read this story of Love and Betrayal "A Mate and A Betrayal"

Updated regularly.

Cover by dobbyvanity
What I personally think of this book?
This is my second book after "The Werewolf King's Vampire Queen."
I am trying something different. Hope you like it and please leave me your opinion about the book.