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Monday, April 7, 2014

Tiger-The Real King of Forest!!!!

Hi All,

Good Morning. I am really so glad to meet you here.

So today I am going to write about “TIGER”

You all know about TIGER, but how much do you know???

Well to start with TIGER is the national animal of INDIA. It is a predator who lives in the wild. But it is an endangered species in India and hunting Tigers is a criminal offence, as off 2010 census there were only 1712 Tigers.

Tigers belong to CAT family and if trained can be your loving pet. The Bengal Tigers usually come in Two colours Orange and White. But there is an interesting story behind the breeding of Golden Tabby Tigers. Yes, the last white tiger found in the wild was shot and killed by a hunter. During 1951 India received reports about a white Tiger cub, they captured it and brought it to the reserve. After few years they started inbreeding the White Bengal Tiger along with Orange Bengal Tiger, thereby breeding Golden Tabby Tigers.

Orange Bengal Tiger:

White Bengal Tiger:

Golden Tabby Tiger:

Interesting Facts:
·         These Big Cats love water.
·         The stripes on their body is similar to human finger prints. No Two Tiger have the same stripes.
·         They not only have Stripes on their fur, they also have them in their skin.
·         Tigers are bred with lions and the hybrids are called Tigons and Ligers.
·         Their Night vision is 6 times better than that of humans.
·         When they hunt, Male Tigers wait for their wives and cubs to eat first. Which is entirely opposite to those lions. Also they don’t fight for food, they simply wait for their turns. Amazing isn’t it!
·         They love to hunt by ambush and are less likely to attack if the element of surprise is lost. Also they usually does not view human as a prey, but will attach if they are threatened and in some cases they kill people if there is not enough species to hunt due to loss of habitat.
·         Only 10% of their hunts often end in success, so they often go without eating for days before hunting down 30 kg meat.
·         Another interesting fact is they are well known to imitate the sound of other animals while hunting.
·         Their colour vision is similar to that of human vision.

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