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Friday, December 21, 2012

Indian Actresses Smoking - Cultural Disaster -Part 2

Indian Actresses Smoking - Cultural Disaster -Part-2

Socialists are struggling to terminate Smoking & Drinking from the society. But nowadays smoking scenes of Indian actresses is a trend in many movies. It is a sign of Cultural Disaster. 

Few pictures are here for you...

Some of the actresses who never had the habit of smoking, later on became a chain smoker after acting in a smoking scene.

Actress Asin smoking for a photo shoot
Deepika being a health conscious person is totally against smoking the cancer stick in real life. But her role of a chain-smoker in Karthik Calling Karthik.
Actress Neha Dubia smoking in one of her movies.
Actress Aarthi Chabria smoking
Actress Zeenat Aman smoking
Actress Kajol's mother former actress Tanuja caught smoking in Public
Actress Sonam Kapoor smoking Cigar
Sonam Kapoor Cigar Smoking Photoshoot Pics
Actress Kalki Koechilin smoking
Actress Saloni caught smoking
Sana, a telugu actress smoking
Smoking scenes in south indian movies
Actress Narkhis Fakhri smoking

Proper actions should be taken to stop this. Most of the youngsters are addicted to smoking by watching movies of their favorite actors smoking.First of all movie makers should take a vow to themselves that they will not keep any kind of smoking scenes in their movie. Actresses should also be stubborn & should say that they will not act in such scenes. 

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