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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women's Day

Women's Day
Happy Womens Day to All the Members
Today March 8th is the International Women’s Day and the whole world celebrates International Women’s Day on Tuesday during its 100th anniversary, in recognition of the power of women and their contribution to society.
Although some women believe that adherence of a special day is irrelevant, an overwhelming majority love in the world the idea of a day dedicated to them.
The pages of history states that the first National Woman’s Day was marked in the United States on Feb 28. It was the Socialist Party of America which had observed this day in honour of the 1908 garment workers’ strike in New York, where women had raised their voice of protest against working conditions.
However, it was the Copenhagen initiative for which the International Women’s Day was marked for the first time (19 March) in Austria, Denmark, Germany and Switzerland.
And finally March 8 was chosen globally to be observed as the Women’s Day. It is said that large numbers of women and even men had participated in the rallies on that particular day.
The protesters demanded the right to vote and to hold public office besides demanding for the women’s rights to work, to vocational training and to an end to the innumerable discriminations that they face in the working place and in the job sector.
Moreover, the occasion had also become a mouth piece and an icon of protest against World War I.
The Russian women were considered to have observed the first ‘International Women’s Day’ as a part of the peace movement on the last Sunday of the month of February.
Despite these facts and figures in the pages of history, the ‘International Women’s Day’ has added more significance since then and at present it is a date when the society realizes about the power and contribution the women in bettering this society.
It also makes the society realize about their duty in rendering equality in every field towards the women.
On this occasion the first women president of India, Pratibha Singh Patil, said: “Indian women are playing a crucial role in a number of fields and professions over the years, as our nation progresses on the path of development, and they play an important role in our efforts for inclusive growth. The education of women and the girl child is a very important tool for this effort, so that they can contribute towards development.”
Happy Women's Day
Have you guys ever realized how hard women’s job is? 

Often, we say that times have changed, and there is no difference left between men and women. And there is no doubt that women are no longer behind men, they can do whatever they want. However, where does today’s modern day woman stand? 

Even though women are progressing and making their space in the men’s world, and they cannot be discriminated based on their gender today. But no matter how well women handle their job outside of the home, they still have to do the household work. Men expect them to take care of their babies, to do the chores, and to cook food for all. It is still perceived as women’s job to have the primary responsibility for taking care of home and family. If a child falls sick, then it is also their job to take the child to the doctor, and stay with the child at home until he/she is ready to go back to school. Do you all think that it is fair on men’s part to let women handle all the responsibility? Shouldn’t you guys be helping them out in their work? 

Well, forget helping them, some men don’t even respect women. Women have a hard life; if possible try to understand what they have to go through throughout their life. Women want love and respect. Do not treat them as objects/slaves, and do not stare at their assets. They are human beings as well, and they are like you all. Look at your own selves and think about this from your heart. Have you ever helped your mom out with the chores? What kind of things do you do in your everyday lives? Please, on this women’s day show some courtesy to women, and if possible change your behavior / way of looking at them. Share your opinions here!!! Where do you think a woman of today stands?

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