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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Women’s Day Wishes

Women’s Day Wishes
I was born,
A Woman was there to hold me- My Mother
I grew as a child,
A Woman was there to care for me and to play with me- My Sister
I went to school,
A Woman was there to help me learn- My Teacher
I became depressed, whenever I lost,
A Woman was there to offer a shoulder- My wife
I became tough,
A Woman was there to melt me- My Daughter
I am dying
A Woman was there to absorb me- My Motherland
-by the loving Man
You can feel her Care in form of a Sister,
You can feel her Warmth in form of a Friend.
You can feel her Passion in form of a Beloved,
You can feel her Dedication in form of a Wife.
You can feel her Divinity in form of a Mother,
You can feel her Blessings in form of Grandmother.
Yet she is so tough
Her Heart is so Tender,
So Naughty..,
So Charming,
So Sharing,
So Melodious,
She is a Woman,
She is Life.
I didnt know which would be a better way to express my gratitude to all the women in my life, who have played different roles, for what I am today.
My mother who was, is and will be there always next to me, in Good times and bad.
My sister's who are always there to care for me, pray for me and support me.
My friends who are always there keeping in touch with me, so that wherever I am, I never feel lonely.
So I thought let me share some poems, some quotes, some mails, that came across me, so that I shout from my blog, wishing all of you a Happy Women's day.
So what if your a guy and reading my blog post, I am wishing and praying for all the women in your life to.
“A man can’t be fulfill his life without a Women”.
Just Appreciate her,
Just Encourage her,
Just Love her & Wish her.
Happy Women’s day.

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