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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Healthy Halloween Activities For Pets

Healthy Halloween Activities For Pets
If you have a dog then you already understand that you're the pet parent to someone great. Your dog enjoys spending time with you and loves the holidays probably as much as you do. That's why it's important to plan Halloween activities that both you and Fido will enjoy. Here are the top activities to do with your pet this Halloween. 
Prepare a Costume 
If your dog doesn't seem to mind clothing (jackets, sweaters) then you might have the type of dog that would appreciate a Halloween costume. Make your own Halloween costume or buy one from a costume store. Find a cute costume to compliment your own this Halloween. 
Halloween Strolls 
Fish swim and dog's walk. Now that you've decided on your pets Halloween costume- take them on a fun Halloween stroll. Walk them around your neighborhood to show off their custom made (or purchased) costume. 
Halloween Dog Treats 
Find a dog bakery near you and pick up some tasty Halloween treats for your dog. Specialty bakery's offer cookies and biscuits with Halloween themes for your pet to enjoy. 
Halloween Music 
Download scary Halloween tunes that your dog will enjoy on Halloween. You can find recordings of wolves howling or sounds of dogs barking. Animal sounds make great background music for Halloween.

Scary Movies 
Cuddle up with your dog and a blanket. Pop in your favorite Halloween scary movie and share it with your pets. This is fun way to wind your dog down from the excitement of the day. 

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