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Saturday, February 4, 2012

Hrithik Roshan family members names photos and details

Hrithik Roshan family members names photos and details

Hrithik Roshan

Hrithik Roshan is one among the most handsome actors in bollywood. He came to limelight after his blockbuster movie Kaho Na Pyar Hai, it was a major box office hit of the year. Before doing Kaho Na Pyar Hai he did many films as a child artist with his dad Rakesh Roshan. He married Suzanne Khan in 2000 and the couple is blessed with two sons Hrehaan and Hridhaan. Hrithik has two thumbs on his right hand which he refused to get removed through surgery.

Rakesh Roshan [Father]

Rakesh Roshan was born on 6 Sep 1949 in Mumbai. He is best known as producer and director. He also did some movies as an actor. Its really interesting to know that he is very fond of letter “K” and hence most of his films title start with “K” for instance Khudgarz , Khoon Bhari Maang , Kala Bazaar , Kishen Kanhaiya , Khel , King , Karan Arjun , Koyla , Karobaar, Kaho Naa… Pyaar Hai , Koi Mil Gaya , Krrish , Krrish 2.

Pinky Roshan [Mother]

Pinky is daughter of film director and producer J. Om Prakash. Pinky married Rakesh Roshan and they have a son Hrithik and a daughter Sunaina.

Sunaina Roshan [Sister]

Sunaina is the elder sister of Hrithik. Sunaina is married to Mohan Nadaar a businessman in Mumbai.

Suzanne Khan [Wife]

Sussanne studied interior designing in US studying. Even before their marriage they were good friends. She was his moral support during his early film career. She married Hrithik in 2000 and they have two sons. She has her own interior business in Mumbai.

Hrithik Roshan Kids

Hrithik and Suzanne have two sons named Hrehaan born in 2006 and Hridhaan born in 2008.

Roshanlal Nagrath

Roshanlal Nagrath was one of the best known music director in bollywood. He was the father of Rakesh Roshan and music director Rajesh Roshan. Roshanlal Nagrath was grandfather of Hritik Roshan.

Rajesh Roshan

Rajesh Roshan is Hrithik’s father’s brother, uncle to Hrithik Roshan. His uncle composed many songs for Hrithik viz Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai, Koi Mil Gaya , Krrish  etc.

 Hrithik Roshan family rare photos

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