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Saturday, November 26, 2011


1. Eggs are considered to be healthy and balanced food for all age groups.

2. Most of an egg’s vitamins are in the yolk (yellow)
3. Most of an egg’s proteins and minerals are in Albumen ( egg white)
4. The only difference in white and brown eggs is the colour of shell. Nutritionally both are same.
5. First eggs layed by young hens often have double yolks. Some older hens lay jumbo size eggs which sometimes have double yolks.

6. The best sign of freshness of an egg is that when broken into a pan it would stay firm and would not spread out fast like water.

7. To boil eggs choose 3 to 4 days old eggs, they are easier to peel.

8. Egg shells are porous hence they should not be stored with products like garlic, apples, etc. Which have strong odor…

9. It is always advised to eat thoroughly cooked eggs.

Golden Eggs give you a nutritious feast!

First Eggs of Young Chicken

2. The first eggs of young chickens are small but have great taste.

3. First eggs laid by young chickens often have double yolks.
1. The first eggs of young chickens are a specialty and available only during few months in a year.

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