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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Animals Adoption

Animals Adoption

Golden Retriever Isabella has adopted three white Bengal tiger cubs - Nasir, Anzhiku and Xidan. Their mother abandoned them 15 hours after birth.

Emmy - the cat who adopted a little squirrel Rocky. It's funny that Rocky had learned growl like a kitten.

Katinga - a dog with a German farm adopted by a pig Polinhen.

Another Squirrel Mother - pudeliha Pixie.

Siamese Cat Amanda with their kittens raising puppies, whose mother, unfortunately, has died.

Weasel out of Hamburg adopted by a two wild boar, Alice and Emma.

Smaygel - a cat, not only nursed her kittens, but the four puppies whose mother died under the wheels of the car.

Most Unusual Animals Adoptions 
The little fawn with this picture saved from a river farmer from South Korea. A dog has to take care of him as a native child.

Most Unusual Animals Adoptions 
Chia brings up four kittens.

Gorilla Koko coddling with the kittens since 1984.
In the Sriracha Tiger Zoo in Thailand lives is such a touching family: mother-pig and kids-cubs.
Another family from the same zoo.

 Most Unusual Animals Adoptions
At London Zoo live female lion Tamarin, which has adopted a monkey of another species.

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