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Thursday, September 30, 2010

All we Need Is Love-Zubia

All we Need Is Love
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Love is all that everyone wants .
 Their purpose in life is love; to love someone, to be loved,
 to love their car, to love their dog, to love their garden etc.
But all these types of love are perishable and are destined to fade away.
 The love we really want is within us all the time.
When we feel love, where is the love coming from?
 It is within us, that’s because we are love.
So I need to sit in silence and get to know myself again,
 because when I get to know my true self I will find out that I am love.
 I don't need to look for it outside.
I have an imperishable supply of the most sweetest
 love possible within me.  ~unknown~
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