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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sick of Canned food--sick of canned food forwarded mail

Sick of Canned food
We diversify your menu Overseas delicacies. Learning, write in a notebook, put into life!

Balut - Duck eggs or chicken, being fertilized and nearly developed embryo. After cooking the eggs in the water served to the table. Balut - everyday food in some countries in Southeast Asia, such as the Philippines, Cambodia, and Vietnam.
This dish is very rich in proteins, but also say what is good for male potency and the heart.Sometimes served as an appetizer with beer.
2. Insects fried

In some African countries are a delicacy. An attempt to diversify the menu of Westerners this delicacy has failed.
3. Cockroaches fried
4. Pork brains
5. Guinean Fried pig (also known to us as a guinea pig)

Guinea pigs were originally domesticated for food, residents of the Andes. So far, they are integral part of the diet of the inhabitants of Peru and Bolivia, especially in the highlands of the Andes. Also happy to roast a whole bird guinea pigs to the table in some areas of Ecuador and Colombia. This breed of pigs is much more takes up less space than conventional, less power required and multiplies rapidly, and therefore more profitable.
The meat of guinea pig rich in proteins, contains little fat and cholesterol, and the taste reminds rabbit.
Treat yourself to the Guinean pork - maybe your little boy and it will be difficult at first to live with you under one roof, but the mother-in-law just left satisfied.
6. Silkworm on shpyazhkah

Beware of imitations, this silkworm represented in the photo below.
7. Fried scorpions

The most common commodity in the Asian markets (China, Cambodia, Bangkok).
Recipe: Remove the sting and claws of scorpions. Marinate for 30 minutes in white wine, honey and lemon. Roast at 250 ????.? within 5 minutes. Rub carcass garlic, pepper and salt. Are strung on a skewer for a few carcasses and serve. Enjoy your meal.
8. Sannakji - Live octopus

Sannakji Korean delicacy Sannakji very specific dish, as served at the table yet, shall we say, not quite dead. Live baby octopus, cut, pitted sesame. At the time of eating tentacles continue to move and, if not actively working jaws can prisysyvatsya to the language and the sky.
9. Soup from the placenta of a deer

Very good tool for male potency and kidney failure.If you can not find in its natural form, they say you can buy a pill. However, we advise not to deny myself the pleasure and the search naturnalny product.
10. Fried tarantulas

Tarantulas as a tarantulas, only fried.

11. Lamb Testicles
12.The larvae of bees
13. Kazoo Marz

Cheese Kazoo Marz produced in Sardinia (Italy). Neobychnayny taste is achieved by insect larvae that cause the fermentation process. Tiny transparent larvae are quite jumpy creatures, so some prefer to use cheese to shake them from the surface.
14. Ox Penis

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